Episode 5
Hunch Has a Hunch

After his investigation, Hunch presents Audie with his... hunch. Audie doesn't want to believe his theory, but there is still a mysterious sputtering sound to return! LeVar seems troubled by a personal matter, but he won’t say what it is.

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Episode 4
Audie’s Time to Shine

Hunch is ready to let Audie take the lead! Does Audie have what it takes to solve this menacing mechanical missing sound? Meanwhile, LeVar doesn’t seem interested in the latest Sound Swindler clues, but Hunch begins to have his suspicions about the identity of the culprit.

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Episode 3
We're Gonna Be Famous

Detective Hunch is busy daydreaming about the glory that will come with solving the case and finding the Sound Swindler, but maybe there's more to solving a case than the fame. LeVar sends them a rhythmically crunchy mystery sound, and asks them to stay focused on the missing sounds.

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Episode 2
Know-How vs. Know-Now

The Sound Swindler is still at large, and LeVar is anxious for help! Audie is a-buzz about the mystery sound, but Hunch insists that she needs some detective training first. Hunch knows just the thing: Detective Solvall's Handbook for Young Detectives!

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Episode 1
A Brand New Case

A mysterious phone call from famed inventor LeVar Burton ropes Detective Hunch into a new case: missing sounds! Hunch prefers to work alone, but when Audie the Ear turns up on his doorstep, he reluctantly teams up to solve their first bubbling sound mystery.

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